MYStuAdor(e) program means Malaysian Students Ambassador. It opens up to all Malaysian students in the Midwest region of the United States of America to volunteer to promote and hype up the knowledge and information about the diversity, versatility, and the unity of our nation to the world.

Education Malaysia Chicago is in searching of 25 Malaysian Students Ambassador to voluntarily represent Malaysia and promote our beloved country to all Americans. Study, work, or even live in Malaysia and experience the fantastic part of the world. Culture, nature, history, diversity, food, climate you name it!

What are the function of MYStuAdor(e)?

  • To promote Malaysia through culture, nature, economy, sociopolitics, diversity, food, heritage, history, and achievements of our nation;
  • To create awareness about Malaysian community (students/families) in particular institutions and make known of the Malaysians success in the US and worldwide; and
  • To make new friends and try to get as many people to come to Malaysia to either study, work, go vacation or even live in Malaysia.

It is also opens to all Malaysians in the US to help these representative by promoting Malaysian original arts and crafts like Batik, local delicacies, cultural performances group or anything that Malaysia can offer. Is this interesting?

So, ARE YOU THE ONE? Send your resume to by Feb 18, 2019. For more info, hit the FB Messenger and we will answer your questions.

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