Yup, that’s true. You can now start writing the proposal to be the ORGANIZER of MALAYSIAN SPORTS FESTIVAL 2019 and send it to us! We cannot wait to hear how you want to make MSF much better than before.

Malaysian Student Associations from all over the US can now bid to be the one! Result will be announced by early March 2019.

This sports festival is open to all Malaysians in the US and schedule to happen in August 2019.

Why you should host MSF’19?

  • Organize the only major sport festival for Malaysians in the United States;
  • Opportunity to work with regional council;
  • Introduce your alma mater to others;
  • Awesome experience to add in your resume.

What to include in your proposal?

  • Cover page
    • Program name and tagline (e.g: Bring Malaysians Together)
    • MSA official name
    • MSA representative official email and phone number
  • Content
    • Objective
    • Suggestion on date (preferably in end of August/early September 2019)
    • Project timeline (March-August)
    • Tentative
    • Committee
    • Budget Breakdown

Any new format, approach or new ideas are welcome. Proposal due on Feb 22, 2019 and all submission can be done to midwestcouncilmy@gmail.com.

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